2018 Travels

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Here are a whole bunch of photos taken on my travels around South America in 2018. I started travelling in February in Santiago, Chile. I went to the great Monte Mapu festival outside Santiago. Hired a car and drove around Chiloe. I lived in Santiago for a few months, hiked around Bariloche, the Argentinian desert, and eventually bought a van in Beunos Aires. I lived out of that van - Babo Conquista - for many months, driving up through Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. I flew up to Colombia to hike to the Lost City with friends and chill on Playa Blanca in Cartagena. Lived in the Sacred Valley for a while, volunteering at a Yoga retreat and then a mushroom farm. Took my van deep into the Amazon, to the heart of Acre. Hiked up to Maccu Piccu. Got myself in a car crash outside Lima and ended up working in a hostel bar while it was repaired, before making the wild drive south back to Chile to sell my vehicle and catch a flight home.

It was a transformative, beautiful, life-changing journey which these few photos capture so little of. Thank you to everyone who showed me genorosity, kindess and friendship on this adventure.

2012 Art

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Here's a bunch of things I made in 2012, for little games and projects. I painted some acrylics, and did some CG in Cinema 4d. None of its particularly good, but I'm keeping it here for me, not you.